Nicole Coson (b. 1992) Manila, Philippines

Lives and works in Lodnon, UK

My work explores the concepts of visibility and disappearance, with reference to camouflage and concealment in nature as well as in warfare as tactical countermeasures. In my practice, I am in search of a productive position within invisibility that lends artists the opportunity in which we are able to negotiate the terms of our visibility. To vanish and reappear as we please and as necessary to our own personal and artistic objectives. I wish to stretch and skew the viewers abilities to detect cultural precursors in my works as memories, identity and location blend into seamlessness constructing a space which is both familiar and alienating, escapist and entrapping. I apply analogue and digital languages on materials in opposition such as raw steel and paper, shiny aluminium and canvas. My works also have a lot of personal history weaved into them, specifically focusing on episodic memory, living with the trauma of loss in death and the secondary loss we experience when we inevitably and unwillingly begin to forget. I see my works as architectural interventions of physical space, piercing walls with flourishing green windows inviting the viewer to get lost in misty tropical landscapes and into the stage of a memory accessed a thousand times.